I noticed that my own packed NAD+ clogged my nasal spray so I made some experiments to compare it with ABN NAD+
First I weighed 1g of each powder

as mine is 2-3 times denser, it takes less space

diluted 1g of each NAD in 10ml of warm water.

Both powders diluted instantly but mine left residue.

I was quite surprised and contacted manufacturing lab.
That caused quite a stir and they even asked to send some back.
I dried and weighted the residue and it accounted for 0.08g out of 1g.

It looked pretty much like powder itself.

Eventually I learned that if it was stirred long enough, it would dissolve too.

I guess it is a tradoff of having it more dense.

The fully stirred sollutions taste absolutely the same and do have the same effect.
The same light cranberry taste and remote notion of flush on face I remember feeling long time ago when I started with NR and had not felt since.
Which makes me conclude that both powders are the same thing.

The more dense formulation makes it better suitable for sublingual use but in case of nasal spray
would have to be diluted with warm water outside the bottle and then poured into it to avoid clogging.

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